• H.E Hassan Ali Khayre

    Prime Minister of Federal Government Somalia

    H.E Hassan Ali Khayre
    The Prime Minister’s role is to run chair the Cabinet, appoint ministers, and act as key person for the government both in Parliament and out.

    Villa Somalia
    Tel: + (252) XXX XXX
    Email: info@opm.gov.so
  • Mahdi Ahmed Guled

    Deputy Prime Minister

    Mahdi Ahmed Guled
    Same responsibility as the Prime Minister

    Villa Somalia
    Tel: + (252) XXX XXX
    Email: pmo@pmo.gov.so
  • Hassan Hussein Haji

    Ministry of Justice

    Hassan Hussein Haji
    Responsible for the Judiciary of Somalia.

    P.O. Box: 629
    Mogadishu, Somalia
    Tel: +(252) 186 58 80
    Email: info@moj.gov.so
    Website: www.moj.gov.so
  • Ahmed Isse Awad

    Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

    Ahmed Isse Awad
    Overall responsibility for the work of pursuing the nation’s foreign policy and Investment Promotion goals with the overarching objectives of protecting, promoting and advancing the nation’s interests abroad.

    Afgoye Road-KM 5
    Mogadishu, Somalia
    Email: info@mfa.gov.so
    Website: www.mfa.gov.so
  • Abdirahman Duale Beyle

    Ministry of Finance

    Abdirahman Duale Beyle
    Responsibilities for maintaining both micro and macro-economic stability in the country. Moreover, the key role of the Ministry lies with the more rationale allocation of resources; better management of public expenditure; enhanced mobilization of both internal and external resources; greater performance in public investments and strengthening of public enterprises productive capacity; open and simple foreign exchange policies and regulation, and prudent fiscal and monetary policies.

    Mogadishu Somalia
    Email: info@mof.gov.so
    Website: www.mof.gov.so
  • Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed

    Ministry of Defense

    Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed
    The minister is charged with co-ordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to national security and the Somali Armed Forces. The President of Somalia is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country.
  • Abdi Farah Said (Juha)

    Ministry of Interior

    Abdi Farah Said (Juha)
    Responsible for national security, Federal affairs, naturalization, immigration and customs in Somalia. It was founded in 1967 after the combined ministerial body covering financial and interior affairs were separated.

    Mogadishu Somalia
    Email: info@mois.gov.so
    Website: www.mois.gov.so
  • Said Hussein Iid

    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

    Said Hussein Iid
    Responsible for Agriculture and rural development in Somalia. The main areas of scope for the Ministry are agriculture, food security, rural development and promoting and support sustainable and market oriented agricultural production.

    Behind The National Theatre
    Mogadishu Somalia
    Email: info@moa.gov.so
    Website: www.moa.gov.so
  • Mohamed Abukar Dualle

    Ministry of Internal Security

    Mohamed Abukar Dualle
    The primary task is to maintain the internal security in Somalia and safeguard the people. Its responsibilities include maintaining the Police, National Intelligence and Security Agency and countering terrorism.

    Villa Somalia
    Mogadishu Somalia
    Email: info@mois.gov.so
    Website: www.mois.gov.so
  • Abdirahman Dahir Osman

    Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education

    Abdirahman Dahir Osman
    Responsible for providing quality education service for development by enabling our citizens to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to make well achievement in the highly competitive global economy.

    Villa Somalia
    Mogadishu, Somalia
    Email: info@moesomalia.net
    Web: www.moesomalia.net