Undertake transformative change and enable Somalia meet some of the targets of UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by ensuring no citizen is left behind. Social sector goes hand-in-hand with the road to recovery and thus a key priority area.

• Develop policies, strategies and regulations to enhance social services.

• Knowledge and skills improvement.

• Creation of employment opportunities for Somali citizens, especially the youth.
Invest in knowledge and technology to inspire academic research and improve quality of citizen skills and contribution to address manpower needs.
Renovate social facilities to upgrade engagement of young people in recreational activities.
Constitute strategies for youth participation in nation building and development.
Avail opportunities for young people to maximize the potential of our skilled and non-skilled youth.
Provision of durable solutions for IDPs and returnees.
Find lasting measures to meet the needs of returnees and Internally displaced citizens.
Incorporating returnees and IDPs in the socioeconomic agenda by channeling resources towards their participation in income generating activities for an improved well-being.

Offer a genuine political will of working towards the betterment of the quality of lives of citizens especially women by countering maternal mortality.
Work in tandem with development partners and government agencies to alleviate suffering through sustainable measures, including effective early warning systems on droughts and floods.
Integrate diaspora citizens, especially the youth in the social set-up using an inclusive non-discriminatory approach.
Provision of affordable and accessible basic social services, social amenities, health, education, clean water, and electricity.
Ensure all government institutions focus on promoting prosperity and have key data to understand and address the needs of less fortunate citizens.
Generate public support and encourage participatory governance and decision making through the increased awareness creation and public sensitization on national goals and issues. Instill a sense of ownership to institute voluntary undertaking of citizens in rebuilding strategic and significant infrastructures

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