• Reforming and capacity building of national security agencies

Undertake wide scale reforms in the security sector to lead the transition towards the government’s provision of round the clock security for its own people. Creating a database of our security agencies to support, among other issues, the timely payment of forces’ salaries.
Improve the technical capabilities of our security organs using modern methods to upgrade the quality of security services and restore hope in our citizens. Enrich the skills of our personnel in the security sector through capacity building programs and continuous training using latest approaches.
To boost public trust and foster cooperation with the citizens in order to safeguard the safety and security of our citizens.
Work closely with the international community and partners to intensify efforts in the fight against terror and violent extremism which remains our common enemy. To foster knowledge and information sharing with vital partners to enhance regional and global security on our land and maritime borders.

  • Managing the transitional period
  • Complement ongoing efforts and work simultaneously with international partners to deliver the transition plan.
    Set the path towards a prosperous and stable Somalia by fostering collaboration in the security sector between the Federal Government and Member States
  • Harmonized and effective operational system
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