Inclusive politics remains a key priority and a vital ingredient for national unity and successful government. Inclusive politics is driven by the vision of a United Federal Republic of Somalia, and remains a key pillar towards the accomplishment of a fair, cohesive and inclusive political process. This also involves safeguarding the rights of women, and persons with disabilities to allow all the Citizens have an equal voice and receive equal treatment from all arms and agencies of the government. This will be achieved through;

    • Deepening of the federalization process
        Owing to the understanding of the potential and roles of an effective federal system of government, this pillar emphasizes creation of an enabling environment for a strong working partnership between the States and Federal leadership. Establish a uniting Federal-state cooperation and lay the foundation for an effective model of power and resource sharing to harmonize institutional balance. Instill strategic measures for a consensus-based approach to enhance and strengthen close cooperation of leaders at all levels of government.
    • Finalization of the constitutional review process
        Work towards the realization of a new constitution through a transparent process that involves close collaboration with the legislative organs, civil society, religious leaders, and development partners. This will enable a smooth transition from the current Provisional Constitution and clearly set out a reliable political roadmap to lead Somalia to the path of prosperity.
    • Establishing legal frameworks and planning 2020 elections
        Lead the Federal Republic of Somalia towards the realization of one-person, one-vote vision by involving all political and institutional avenues necessary
      • Enhancing and strengthening the capacities of institutions necessary to coordinate the elections on guide towards the progress of the nation. This incorporates delivering continuous support for the Constitution Review Commission, to entrench its independence and mandate. Exhibiting and sustaining tangible commitment through a consistent political goodwill to allow room for the smooth operation all independent institutions
      • Strengthening international relations.
        Formulating valuable foreign policies and decisions to promote and safeguard the interests of Somalia. Building a trust based working cooperation with our partners to increase trade and investment, and bolster engagement with regional and global partners for our mutual benefit
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