H.E President Farmaajo leads 60th independence Celebrations

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, led the nation in commemorating the 60th Independence anniversary to celebrate the liberation of the Southern and Northern Regions.

In his 60th Independence message, and in understanding the great significance of this day for the Somali people globally, H.E President Farmajo sent congratulations to the citizens at home and in the diaspora and the Somali people globally while also saluting the heroes and heroines of the republic for their indelible contribution in the pursuit to liberate the republic.

The president further urged the citizens to emulate the courage, determination and resilience of the liberators and use it as a source of hope to drive the nation forward.

The day’s independence celebrations were filled with activities whereby H.E President Farmajo started the independence celebrations by laying a wreath of flowers at the historical Dhagaxtur monument to pay respect to the heroes and heroines who spearheaded the Federal Republic of Somalia’s struggle for independence.

H.E President Farmajo later led another historic moment as he launched the historical Somali National Theater which was renovated through the spirit of ‘isxilqan’ and restored to serve the republic’s creative and performing arts industries.

H.E the President gave a speech at the main theater hall where he emphasized unity and the citizens’ need to participate in rebuilding various sectors of the nation and to leave a lasting impact to enable Somalia fulfill its potential and compete globally.

Furthermore, H.E President Farmajo, used the occasion to recognize and appreciate the efforts and contributions of all the great people who took part in the state-building process and others who sacrificed their lives.

H.E the President gave a special mention to the late Mayor of Mogadishu Hon. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yariisow), and praised him for his leadership role and dedication towards the restoration of the beauty, infrastructural projects and voluntary initiatives in the capital, Mogadishu.

“We must work today towards our unity using the spirit and hard work of our founding fathers and pioneers of our independence while also considering the reputation that has been established for our nation. We must shy away from tribalism and prioritize patriotism if we are to restore and retain our legacy.”

H.E President Farmajo applauded the Speaker and the Members of the House in his speech for their acceptance of his recent presidential request for the allocation of representation for Banadir region in the Federal Republic’s Upper House.

H.E President Farmajo also awarded honors to volunteers of isxilqaan program who also included current and former government officials. 

Finally, H.E President Farmajo inaugurated the Somali National Museum whose restoration and construction was achieved through the sweat of volunteers from various sectors across Somalia.

H.E President Farmajo challenged Somali historians and creative industry players to strengthen their role in preserving the nation’s history, and to leave our people with a heritage that reflects their future.

“The restoration of the National Museum is a major step towards reviving the history of our people and our country. We have a huge task ahead of us which involves restoring every foundations of our country, and this in the end, is something that will be of great help to every citizen and reserve great respect to the history and future of the Somali people.”

The President was accompanied by members of the Cabinet of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mogadishu Mayor and Governor of Benadir region Hon. Omar Mohamud Mohamed ‘Filish’ and his deputies, and other top leadership of the Somali security forces.


Mogadishu, 1st July 2020. 


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