To facilitate Economic growth and reforms by establishing a strong and efficient financial infrastructure through support and cooperation with global partners. Economic prosperity is critical for our vision to rebuild a financially stable society through a results-based management of resources, increased foreign exports, and tapping into the economic resources within an inclusive economic framework. Reaffirm commitment towards an effective financial reform structure that prioritizes accountability, equitable distribution of resources, and improved revenue generation.
  • Implementing the debt relief or debt cancellation program to provide opportunities for the development of the country
  • Work closely with Global financial bodies and partners to support the enhancement of institutional capacity to oversee the implementation of the debt cancellation program
  • Increasing revenue generation within the country and reaching the level of sufficiency in paying the payrolls and government expenditures.
  • Create a sustainable and digitized salaries and enumeration system for timely payment of all government employees. Safeguard public trust by ensuring effective management of government resources
  • Private sector development which is the backbone of the country’s economy by creating a friendly business environment.
  • Create a favorable business climate to inspire investment and competition for an increased revenue generation. Initiate a close collaboration between the government and Private sector. Find lasting solutions for trade related issues and identify opportunities in the local and regional markets for our investors.
  • Strengthening the country’s economic resources.
  • Enhancing institutional capacities for the management of our natural resource and implement mechanisms for increasing earnings through our economic resources.
  • Maintenance and development of economic infrastructure for creating employment opportunities.
  • Understanding the significance of our youth to the economy and the nexus between economic prosperity and provision of opportunities to the youth, the focus will include investing in strategic infrastructure and technology to curb unemployment and lay the foundation for revenue generation through youth-led innovative approaches.
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